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At EWP, we offer a range of innovative and effective services designed to help you master English effortlessly. 

Benefits of learning English with EWP

English is the most commonly spoken language globally. Getting better at English can help you find better jobs and open up new experiences. Here are some reasons to believe in us to help you achieve your goals.

Who we are

Our story began in 1987 when Abdelhamid Zoubir completed his PhD and published the Ambiguous Compromise; a book about the dilemmas of translating the Algerian spoken language into a printed form. The family has always believed in the important role of education and language learning.

As a family we have continued this mission and changed people’s lives through education and language for over 36 years. We set up EWP in 2023, located in Algeria, with staff who have lived and worked in the United Kingdom for much of their lives. 

What we believe in

Our teachers

Our instructors hold post-graduate university qualifications, as well as the Cambridge-accredited CELTA and DELTA. They also have vast experience in and deep knowledge of higher education in the United Kingdom, the Middle East and North Africa.

Courses we offer

General English

A General English Language Course offers comprehensive instruction in the English language, focusing on improving all language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It covers essential grammar and vocabulary while also emphasising practical communication in various real-life contexts. Students develop language fluency, cultural understanding, and confidence in using English for everyday interactions and professional purposes. The course caters to learners of different proficiency levels and may include interactive activities, discussions, and assignments to enhance language proficiency.

Books: Cambridge English Unlimited Series (A1-C1)

Conversational English

Conversational English refers to a specialised language skill focused on effective and fluid communication in everyday spoken interactions. This course aims to enhance a person's ability to engage in informal conversations, discussions, and social exchanges in English. It emphasises natural language use, idiomatic expressions, and practical vocabulary. Conversational English courses teach conversational strategies, active listening techniques, and cultural nuances to enable learners to confidently and comfortably communicate with native speakers and other English speakers in casual and professional settings.

Books: English Conversation (Jean Yates)

English for Academic Purposes

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is designed to equip non-native English speakers with the language skills needed for success in academic environments. The course focuses on developing proficiency in reading academic texts, writing research papers, listening to lectures, and participating in discussions in English. EAP covers advanced grammar, academic vocabulary, and citation styles. The goal is to prepare students for tasks such as writing essays, giving presentations, and understanding complex academic content across various disciplines. This type of course is particularly valuable for individuals planning to pursue higher education or engage in academic and research-related activities in English-speaking institutions.

Books: Access EAP Frameworks (Sue Argent, Olwyn Alexander)

Engineering English 

Engineering English is tailored for students and professionals to enhance their language skills in their fields. The course aims to improve their abilities in reading technical documents, writing reports, giving presentations, and engaging in discussions related to engineering concepts. It emphasises specialised vocabulary, technical writing styles, and effective communication of complex ideas. Engineering English courses help participants bridge the gap between technical knowledge and clear communication, enabling them to succeed in tasks such as writing project proposals, collaborating with colleagues, and presenting engineering solutions to diverse audiences.

Books: Cambridge English for Engineering (Mark Ibbotson)

Business English

Business English is designed to equip individuals with the language skills necessary for effective communication in professional and business settings. The course focuses on developing proficiency in writing emails, reports, and other business documents, as well as enhancing speaking and presentation skills for meetings, negotiations, and client interactions. It emphasises business vocabulary, formal communication norms, and cross-cultural awareness. Business English helps participants convey ideas clearly, handle business correspondence, and navigate various workplace scenarios with confidence. These skills are essential for success in the global business world and for building strong professional relationships.

Books: Business Vocabulary in use (Bill Mascull) 

IELTS preparation course

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) preparatory course is designed to assist individuals in achieving their desired scores on the IELTS exam, which assesses English language proficiency for academic and immigration purposes. The course focuses on developing the necessary skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking to excel in the IELTS test. It provides strategies for approaching each section of the exam, improving time management, and enhancing language accuracy. IELTS preparatory courses typically include practice tests, feedback on performance, and guidance on addressing common challenges. The goal is to help participants feel well-prepared, confident, and capable of achieving their target IELTS scores for their intended academic or immigration goals.

Books: IELTS Academic Made Easy (Dr Abdelhamid Zoubir), authentic examination past papers

CELTA preparation

CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) preparatory course is designed to help aspiring English language teachers prepare for the CELTA certification program. The course focuses on developing the fundamental skills required for effective English language teaching, including lesson planning, classroom management, instructional techniques, and assessment strategies. It provides insights into creating engaging and interactive learning environments for English learners. CELTA preparatory courses often include workshops, practice teaching sessions, and guidance on creating lesson plans that align with the principles of communicative language teaching. The goal is to equip participants with the foundational knowledge and teaching skills necessary to succeed in the CELTA program and to kickstart their careers as English language educators.

Books: The CELTA Course (Scott Thornbury)

EWP e-LEARN Portal

e-LEARN is included free with all our English courses, both online and face-to-face. e-LEARN has learning materials, activities, grammar lessons, a weekly planner, progress tracker and more. Find out more at https://www.ewp-dz.com/elearn.

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